About Us

Who Are We

We are based in California. Our team of entrepreneurs has taken the path of e-commerce leveraging on the giant that is Amazon, we tackle enormous challenges, such as difficult competition, logistics and technology, all with an understanding of today’s industry.

Our Mission

As a company dedicated to online sales, we value the products and brands that trust us. We seek to grow together with brands and distributors doing our work with honesty and loyalty, both for our customers and suppliers.

What We Do

Why Choose Us?

We are professionals, and have the training and knowledge necessary to  achieve Amazon success, everytime.

As Amazon FBA sellers we respect the MAP price that our distributors suggest. We know that unfair competition can damage the integrity of brands, because of this we  take care of our business and that of our distributors and brands.

We  work towards optimizing every single one of our listings.  Meaning, efficient titles, bullet points, description, imagery, and the use of powerful tools from which we obtain the keywords so that customers quickly find your product. The optimization of the listing will lead to a better positioning on Amazon, ultimately resulting in a higher number of sales.

Being exclusive representatives of a brand, we invest in marketing the product on Amazon, through efficient advertising campaigns (PPC).

We build good relationships with our clients, answering questions in a short time, as well as attending to the product returns that may occur. Ensuring customer satisfaction.